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How To Prevent Common WordPress Theme Mistakes
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With increasing popularity of the WordPress and the websites, themes developed by the WordPress with every day increasing its demand one also have to take care about the minor mistakes that led to happen and to have prevention and taking into considerations this article helps you how to prevent some common WordPress Theme mistakes while designing any theme or websites.

WordPress is fast and easy to use hence people opt for WordPress. Let's have a look at some common mistakes which one should prevent while making WordPress Theme:

Unsuitable hosting platform:
A WordPress website is as better as hosting and generally using an unsuitable hosting platform creates mistakes which people generally make when they go for WordPress. Having a clear picture and idea of proper hosting for a WordPress website solves a problem, though WordPress hosting comes with many configurations. In beginning people generally do not have much technical knowledge so having a managed WordPress hosting helps them with management issues.

When you use "admin" as the Default username:
Most of the time this comes up with when people set admin as the default username which creates a problem. This is what WordPress creates, yes it is true, WordPress creates a default username "admin" and one has to change the name. You can change it from the WordPress Dashboard and can create a new user and assign it the name and role of administrator. 

When you forget to do "Backup"
Working regularly and having no restore for the storage is waste of time. It is like driving a vehicle without a helmet or one can say without protection. We always take precautions so same in the case with WordPress themes. When you were working or developing a site you should have a habit of backup the data for future precautions and security purpose. You can also use WordPress backup plugins for data backup, it will help you with automatic data backup on a regular basis.

Old version:
With regular updates and upcoming technologies WordPress receives regular updates which add new features, plugins, shortcodes, security, etc., it happens with most users they install the CMS and forget to update it. It will create a mistake while developing WordPress Theme. So always use the latest and updated version of WordPress to receive the latest and updated features and functions of WordPress.

Don't have a responsive design:
Cell phones are quickly turning into the most widely recognized method for getting to WordPress sites. This is the reason your site ought to be coherent in all screen sizes. Clearly, you couldn't make variants of your site that objective distinctive screen sizes. What you could do is to have a responsive plan and design on your site. Along these lines, your site will look great on all screen sizes and Google will give it a high position in SERP.

You have blocked Search Engine Indexing:
A WordPress website which does not show in the search engine usually does not exist for the viewers. Hence WordPress allows having a search engine index of the website. Be that as it may, developers regularly impair this component to keep half-completed pages from showing up in the SERP. The issue emerges when this usefulness stays disabled notwithstanding when the work is finished.

You have an unoptimized image:
Beginners often use images at first without having a piece of knowledge about its size and cost-effect. Though, images look cool and give an effect to the site but having in mind about the optimized image can lead to good site designs. So one should always use optimized images with good image optimization plugins. 

To create a WordPress Theme you should be designed by keeping in mind about the visitor's point of view so that it helps you to create and navigate it easily. Also, keeping in mind all the above common mistakes and presentations will help you to develop a good WordPress theme. 

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